Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can You Believe It?!! (WINTER GOLD)

Point Arena hasn't been blessed with a show of this magnitude in years!! WINTER GOLD, at the Point Arena Theater, will host one of the greatest psyphy-crunc producers of this era Friday the 30th of January. VIBESQUAD, the crunckadelic basstraveler, will deliver his original wobble and laser bass stylings that crush the dancefloor. This is a show you have to see(hear) to believe!

WINTER GOLD is not only a slammin', bass drenched, dance event, but the 17th birthday party for my daughter Pilar Stinson. She's worked hard to keep up good grades and is off to college next fall, so let's have a major blowout in her honor!

One of my favorite NorCal DJ's, CHANGO B, will be in effect with his energetic blend of hip hop, breaks and all around rumpshakers... not to be missed.

I'll be throwin' down some new stuff and things I do too!

Bare Bulb Lab is ressurecting the "burningman" system that got trashed at "Crude Awakening" two years ago. This will help create a bassy pressure in peoples chest cavities.

The cover is only $5, so let's pack the place up and show the folks on the north coast that we're ready to support new, cutting edge, artists and music forms!

Hope to see you there,
Selector Science


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  1. Thank you!! For such a great evening of good times and awesome beats. Keep up the good work keepin it real on the mendo coast!!