Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Download for a cause

This part of the 'Beats for a Better Future' campaign on featuring FreQ Nasty and Michael Franti. Download Freq Nasty's Exclusive Remix of Michael Franti's "The Future" (plus a bonus track from Hunter's Point Family alumni group Bread Me Out Family) and support the 'Beats for a Better Future' campaign goal of providing kids from the under privileged area of Bayview/Hunters Point with a alternative - the gift of music! FreQ and Michael have given their music so that 300 young people in California will have a chance to make music too. Share their vision by donating when you download! Together we can raise $6125 to create a music studio that will give the kids and teens in the Hunters Point community a constructive, creative alternative to the violence and drugs that surround them. Younger boys and girls will learn to make music, with the older youth from Bread Me Out Family mentoring them and developing their own talents to a new level. Join Michael Franti and FreQ Nasty and support this campaign!

Go here to download the track and take a minute to make this campaign go viral to your freinds and family.. and yes to just give back and make a difference.

1 comment:

  1. This is a great project to donate to. They only need to raise about $6000. So kick down and give some back for something positive! Cheers