Monday, September 15, 2008

Wow, I actually got a good review!

I'm gonna paste below a review I received from Minimack Entertainment, a vetern music critic.

"Listening to: Get Crunk Shorty Science Rmx
Performer/composer: Bare Bulb Lab Link to Listen:
Nice stuff man On this please excuse me for my lack of knowledge on correct wording for terms when it comes to djiing but I will do my best
Ok here we have amix/megamix....
This dj is very knowledged on what he does...I am impressed with this one
A must listen if you like hip hop Ok your crossover points are very and I mean super super clean...
Your cuts chops and screws are substantial in this mix... This is a 100% mix...
The instrumental has a techno type of sound
The production on the instrumental side of things is well thought out......With the collage of chopping and screwing and your flanges along with your key chenges is perfect...
As far as the vocals go I would have to say you did what any pro would do and you did the damn thing
10 out of 10"

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